Classroom Environment

As defined by the Danielson Group, “Classroom Environment” is defined as the following:

 An effective an impacting educator makes the classroom a safe place for risk taking. There is a professional air to the room, where the teacher efficiently manages procedures and non-instructional  duties. Students behave in a cooperative manner and are not generally disruptive. Teachers have high expectations for students, and they are fair yet compassionate.

“Students want teachers to push them while conveying confidence that they know the students are up to the challenge” (Danielson, 2007, pg. 28). Students will be motivated by a teacher who cares about his or her subject, who cares about what he or she is doing, and who puts his or her entire heart into teaching. Effective teachers invite students to share the journey of learning. Teachers are not to be students’ “best friends,” they are to be in charge; however, students regard teachers as a special sort of friend/protector/challenger. Setting up a classroom which encourages learning is the mark of an impacting teacher.


I have met this criteria as evidenced by the following.