Professional Responsibilities

As defined by the Danielson Group, “Professional Responsibilities” is defined as the following:

Domain 4 goes beyond the role of the teacher in the classroom and outlines the professional role which students may not observe on a regular basis. Some professional responsibilities appear right away when teachers enter the profession, but others are developed as the teacher gets comfortable with and masters matters of classroom management and instruction of Domains 2 and 3. Teachers skilled in the elements of Domain 4 prove that they are full members of the teaching community and are committed to its enhancement (Danielson, 2007, pg. 30). Teachers who demonstrate excellence and skill in components of Domain 4 are held in high regard by colleagues, community members, and parents. Not only do these teachers serve students’ interests, but they also are active in the school, in professional organizations, and in the district and larger community. They go beyond the nitty-gritty requirements of their jobs and set themselves apart as teachers of impact.


I have met this criteria as evidenced by the following.