About me

My name is Matt Piercy, and I currently teach 6th and 7th grade social studies at International School Bangkok (ISB).  I also a an author, frequently writing for different newspapers, blogs, and magazines.  Prior to Thailand, I was a 6th grade Humanities and 9th grade English teacher at the American Cooperative School of Tunis (ACST).  And before that, Hawaii became our home, where for 10 years I worked at Hawaii Preparatory School (HPA), a day and boarding school.  I have more than two decades in the classroom, teaching every grade level from 3rd to 11th and also taught in Ecuador, Georgia, and Colorado.  I am extremely passionate about education as a whole, with a focus on global-mindedness,  student agency, sustainability, collaboration, and authenticity.

Personally, I am a quintessential learner and always interested in pursuing something new; to surf, garden, or even improve as a public speaker!  I am married to Adriana Piercy, the most supportive and loving person in my world.  She is also a teacher, naturopath, and GIVER to all.  Together, we hold strong beliefs in the value of community and dream BIG together.  Of a world where humanity is just that, humane.  And, where all animals are given love or allowed to live naturally.

The ocean is an integral passion of mine.  I love to surf, SUP, and just float in the open waters.  Being a house owner led to my discovering how much I enjoy gardening.  Our home in Hawaii features more than 20 types of fruits and vegetables.  Reading, writing, photography, and travel also all add different dimensions to my life and contribute to who I am.

I grew up in Kansas, left when I was 18 and am pleased to say, “am not in Kansas anymore!”  My university transcripts begin from when I was taking credits in high school at a local community college.  From there I went to Gonazaga, Oregon State, Charles Sturt in Bathurst, Australia.  My degree is Sociology with a focus on criminal justice.  I thought I wanted to be in the CIA or FBI but quickly found that I enjoyed being with students opposed to criminals.  Imagine that!  Leaving Oregon, I did my Masters work at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  So, I guess that makes me a Beaver and a Buffalo!   I am the youngest of three children and we are pretty spread out but remain very close.  My brother and his family are in Austin, Texas, whereas my sister is in Florida.  Meanwhile, my dad is loving life in Southern Colorado.

For years I have had the best of intentions to begin this portfolio and the pandemic has allowed the space to finally step into this.  I look forward to sharing my learning and in re-imagining education together.