As defined by the Danielson Group, “Instruction” is defined as the following:

Domain 3 details a teacher’s main mission: enhancing student learning. Domain 3 is really the summation of the planning done in Domain 1. Teachers can then use Domain 4’s component of reflecting to reflect on how the instruction of D3 went in order to inform future planning in D1. Students are motivated to excel by the manner in which teachers present and organize content, the roles students have, and the initiative teachers expect students to take.
Excellent teachers’ instruction is fluid and flexible, and teachers are able to shift easily to different approaches if situations demand it. They also use ideas and concepts from other content areas or parts of the curriculum in their explanations. Questions which teachers ask must probe student thinking and push students to extend their understanding. Teachers assess and monitor student learning as it is happening, and they correct and modify as they go.


I have met this criteria as evidenced by the following.